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List of documents that you might need for the competition

Document Type Download
2022 DIV 1 Draw April 21_Final2022-Div-1 Draw April_21.pdf
2022 DIV 2 Draw-April 21_Final2022-Div-2 Draw_April_21.pdf
2022 DIV 3 Draw-April 52022-Div-3 Draw-Schedule_April 5.pdf
2022-Div-1 HCPs_April 52022-Div-1 HCP MASTER-April-5.pdf
2022-Div-2 HCPs_April 62022-Div-2 HCP MASTER-April 6.pdf
2022-Div-3 HCPs_April 62022-Div-3 HCP MASTER-April 6.pdf
Div 1-2 BLANK Result Sheet2022 DIV 1 WD Results BLANK.pdf
DIV 3 BLANK Result Sheet2022 DIV 3 WD Results BLANK.pdf
System Link with QR CodeWDBSA Competition Draw and Results.pdf

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