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List of documents that you might need for the competition

Document Type Download
0001 Newsletter0001 Newsletter Covid.pdf
0002 Newsletter 2106280002 Newsletter Ian Chappell.pdf
2021 Division 1 drawwd-div1-draw-2021-wk3.pdf
2021 Division 2 drawwd-div2-draw-2021-r1m2.pdf
2021 Division 3 drawwd-div3-draw-2021-wk3a.pdf
Blank Score Sheetdiv-1-2-3-2021-wd-results-blank.pdf
DIV1 HCP JUNE 2420210624-D1 R4M2-PLAYERS-HCPS.pdf
DIV2 HCP JUNE 2420210624-D2 R4M2-PLAYERS-HCPS.pdf
System Link with QR CodeWDBSA Competition Draw and Results.pdf

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